You Said It Best – 2018 Highlights from The Fix

You spoke. We listened. In 2018, we received great feedback from our emfluence Marketing Platform users – what you like, what could be better, and what was altogether missing.   The updates we make each month to the emfluence Marketing Platform are, more often than not, informed by users like you. We take your feedback into consideration, and when we say the emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you—well, we mean it.   Each month, we send our users a special newsletter called […]

Introducing the Drag and Drop Email Editor

You know how we like to say the emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you? That’s the inspiration behind our latest feature update: the Drag and Drop Email Editor. We’ve made building beautiful, sophisticated emails super easy with this big update. From a drag-and-drop customizable button to quick content block access, modifiable layout creators, drag-and-drop images, and more, our goal is to simplify the email building process so you can spend your day focused on strategy. But the best way to get to […]

Modals Friendly and Workflows Merry

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve added extra tools to your digital marketer’s promotional toolbox with an eye on helping you have the most successful shopping season yet. Workflow Builder Shortcuts The biggest updates this month are centered around our drag-and-drop Workflow builder. Let’s start with the ability to copy an existing Workflow:   Workflows can be copied in either their draft or published state, and copying the Workflow will duplicate both the Workflow layout and Workflow components (Groups, Emails, Decisions, etc.). This handy feature is a huge time […]

Website Tracking Is Here!

Ready to add website engagement to your bag of digital marketing tricks? Then we have big news for you—Website Tracking is now live on the emfluence Marketing Platform! Let’s take a look: What You’re Tracking The new Website Tracking feature allows you to track Contact traffic on your website or websites (yes, you can add more than one).   To get started, navigate to Campaigns and select Website Tracking from the dropdown menu. Set up is a simple, four-step process (our help page explains how) followed by a quick installation […]

Features Update: Little Things That Make Life Easier

Intuitive means a lot to us. Our goal is to give you room to focus on strategy, not building emails or forms, and so we spend a lot of time on pushing past the “yeah, it works” territory into “this is awesome!” space.   We’ve been working on one really big (and really exciting) project that we announced at last month’s And Then Some Conference, and we’ll have a splashy reveal soon. But in the meantime, we’ve rolled out quite a few small features all designed around how you use […]


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