Introducing the Drag and Drop Email Editor

You know how we like to say the emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you? That’s the inspiration behind our latest feature update: the Drag and Drop Email Editor. We’ve made building beautiful, sophisticated emails super easy with this big update. From a drag-and-drop customizable button to quick content block access, modifiable layout creators, drag-and-drop images, and more, our goal is to simplify the email building process so you can spend your day focused on strategy. But the best way to get to […]

Website Tracking Is Here!

Ready to add website engagement to your bag of digital marketing tricks? Then we have big news for you—Website Tracking is now live on the emfluence Marketing Platform! Let’s take a look: What You’re Tracking The new Website Tracking feature allows you to track Contact traffic on your website or websites (yes, you can add more than one).   To get started, navigate to Campaigns and select Website Tracking from the dropdown menu. Set up is a simple, four-step process (our help page explains how) followed by a quick installation […]

Features Update: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Automated Workflows have new options for targeted emails in the emfluence Marketing Platform. Say hello to Workflow Decisions!   As you build out your automated email campaigns, you can now add the option to split your contacts into new email groups based on actions (or inactions) taken by the recipient. These options can be based on clicks (or no clicks), views (or no views), or custom decisions matching a query.   With this addition, you can create complex automated email campaigns that lead to desired actions or nurture contacts based […]


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