How Marketing Automation and CRM Help Each Other

Marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) go together. These tools should not only be a process that flows clearly from beginning to end, but also one that blends at needed points to create a cohesive story about the customer. They both paint half of a whole picture. So, why do they get cordoned off into different workflows in the business world? Companies have fine-tuned the way their organizations run, with each department being hyper focused on the tasks at hand. This is fine and all, but it is not […]

How Is Marketing Automation Different from CRM?

When a company runs like clockwork, marketing and sales tasks can appear as if they are blended. However, only the companies that can distinctly identify the purposes and roles of these departments and their tools are able to function successfully and efficiently. Marketing automation and CRM systems are both tools used by companies to handle and organize leads and interactions. While they may appear to take on similar tasks, it is important to understand the goals of each software in order to effectively integrate them with business processes. Primary Differences […]


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