Where Does Email Fit in Marketing Attribution Models?

There are a million and one ways to evaluate a marketing campaign and a million and one points throughout the campaign to measure. Marketing attribution is one method of analyzing results that can help you prepare future strategies and optimize ROI.   What Is Marketing Attribution? Marketing attribution refers to the process where marketers analyze how strategies and specific customer interactions contribute to sales, website traffic, and overall revenue. These various interactions are known as touchpoints and they represent some sort of action that the potential customer has taken whether that’s […]

Get Your Email List Ready Now for The Holidays

Holiday cheer, string lights, Black Friday frenzies, candy canes, and hot chocolate may be the last thing on your customers’ minds right now, especially with the sweltering heat of summer bearing down.   Marketers, however, have to work a few steps ahead which means that while swimming pools and cool drinks dance through the minds of our audiences, sugar plums and Christmas trees are dancing through ours.   We’re here to remind you that the holidays are fast approaching and while half a year may seem like plenty of time to prepare, […]

How to Promote Your Presence on Next Gen Marketing Channels Via Email

Next generation marketing is filled with lots of shiny toys for the marketing creative to experiment with, from text messaging communications to the world of podcasts, influencer marketing, and more. There are more marketing channels than ever where marketers can connect with audiences about products, services, and company updates.   While all these methods of communication provide unique ways for engaging audience preferences, it’s the time-tested email that we’d like to highlight when it comes to showing off your cool new marketing tools.   Emails are a tried-and-true way of nurturing a […]

How to Develop a Successful Marketing Automation Strategy

While marketing automation software has the potential to change your life, it’s important to remember that the technology is not the “mythical magic marketing button” that so many marketers have been looking for all these years.   Implementing a successful marketing automation strategy requires a lot of preparation and planning. You’ve got to put in the hard work before the software starts automating your marketing process. But when it gets going, the real magic begins to happen.  The first step of any marketing automation strategy starts with an objective. What do […]

List Building—How to Do It The Right Way

According to our report on the State of Email Marketing, email is becoming increasingly more relevant with 87 percent of marketers believing that email marketing is or will be critical to their overall marketing success.   However, there is no email marketing without an email list, and building a robust database is a top priority for marketers everywhere. We’re here to share some tips and tricks on building and growing a subscriber base you’ll be proud of.   What is an Email List? An email list is a database of important information […]


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