Opt-in vs. Opt-out Email Sign-up: What’s the Difference?

It’s an ongoing discussion in the email marketing world: Do you choose to grow your list via opt-in vs. opt-out methods? I had a client ask me this week what were the real pros and cons of each. How could they decide what’s right for them? First, what’s the difference? Opt-in email sign-up: Your email sign-up form’s only function is to subscribe someone to your email list, or… You include an email sign-up checkbox on a registration or checkout form, it’s unchecked by default.   Opt-out email sign-up: You pre-check that email signup checkbox on the registration/checkout form, […]

Why it’s important to authenticate in email marketing

Recently, a client asked a question as we were working on their email/domain authentication: “Why do I have to do this?” When email marketers go from an email platform that doesn’t utilize authentication tactics like Domain Keys and SPF records to one that does — like emfluence — it’s not uncommon to be confused, so they were asking a great question! The reason some email service providers don’t authenticate is because it definitely takes a bit of time and some technical/website help. It can be the difference between starting to send email […]


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