How to Build a Milestone Email

Today’s marketers are living in an age where valuable customer data is at their fingertips. But with all that information, where do you start? Customers expect a certain level of personalization and relevancy to their messages when engaging with your brand, so what better way to put your data to use than with a milestone email celebrating their birthdays, loyalty or personal accomplishments?   Let’s start with the strategy. You don’t want to set up a milestone campaign just to say you have one. First, you’ll need to define what […]

UNSPAM 2020 Recap: How to Design Accessible Email for Everyone

A few weeks ago, before our days were filled with online conference calls and setting up makeshift home offices, I had the opportunity to attend the UnSpam Conference hosted by Really Good Emails. The conference consisted of two days’ worth of fellow email geeks speaking about topics ranging from design trends, industry predictions, deliverability and more. It was a great opportunity to learn from others in the industry and come away with fresh ideas and new inspiration for all things email. One presentation in particular that really stuck with me […]


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