Workflows make setting up automated email drip campaigns easy

Visually create your automated marketing campaigns using our new Workflow tool. This easy-to-use,  drag-and-drop tool allows you to visually see how your campaign will flow on a large canvas with panning and zooming capabilities. This first release gives you the ability to choose your existing automated emails and groups to design a workflow for your marketing campaign. Foster engagement with your new customers with an onboarding email series Download our onboarding email series template Follow these easy steps to set up a new workflow for an automated drip series. Create […]

Introducing the new Query Builder

In the past, we have always helped our customers set up dynamic groups for their automated campaigns. Our newest feature puts control back in your hands, allowing any user to set up dynamic groups on the fly. What is a dynamic group, you ask? A dynamic group will run a query automatically, each day or on demand, to find contacts in your account that match a specific set of criteria. This is especially useful for setting up birthday, anniversary or re-engagement campaigns. With these types of campaigns, you need a […]


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