Sales and Marketing Work Together to Update Contact Records

In business-to-business email marketing, every email address that goes bad means lost revenue and potentially a lost relationship. That was the case for one of our B2B senders, eager to keep clean, up-to-date contact data in their emfluence Marketing Platform account. Earlier this year, they synced their customer data to their emfluence account, to keep a current list for their regular product and newsletter sends. As part of that sync, they also received information back from emfluence when a customer unsubscribed or bounced too many times. An unsubscribe means no […]

Connect your Google Analytics account to the Platform

As promised at the 2014 User Conference, we’ve rolled out a Google Analytics integration for your Platform “Home” dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to see your website traffic overlaid with your email and social media message post timing. This is the next step in correlating your digital marketing campaigns to your website traffic and even sales. How to Build an Email Reporting Template Download our template here To get started, follow these simple steps: Go to “Options” and “Linked Accounts” and “Manage Accounts”. Click the “New Account” link. Click […]

New emfluence Marketing Platform API – beta release 2014

At our annual User Conference this year, we released a beta version of our formalized API. In the past, clients have been able to successfully exchange data between the emfluence Marketing Platform and third party systems (including home grown tools) via web services, HTTP post or by scheduled data syncs. The formalized API gives clients and developers a clear path for integration without involvement from emfluence technicians. The API enables on-demand exchange of data to and from the emfluence Marketing Platform. That means that integrations with 3rd party applications like […]


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