Equipping your company with marketing automation tools is a must in this day and age. While traditional processes for manual marketing can kind of get the job done, it just isn’t realistic to commit the resources to time consuming tasks that divert your team’s energy and attention.

Marketing automation is the way to go for any growing company that’s looking for methods to streamline their operations and dedicate their day-to-day to strategy rather than repetitive, but necessary, marketing functions.

Marketing Automation Tools List

So, what’s needed in your tech stack? There are many cool features that marketing automation platforms have to help teams out. These include different ways to personalize the customer journey and automate tasks so companies can effectively scale. Some key components to keep in mind when searching for a marketing automation platform include how user-friendly and intuitive the software is, the support team behind the software, and the ability for it to grow with your company.

Marketing Automation

What is a marketing automation platform without marketing automation features? This may seem like a no-brainer but one of the best tools to have is the one that will help you manage digital marketing campaigns and nurture leads. You should be able to create automated workflows that send out existing emails or text messages based on specific triggers and conditions that your team sets.

The emfluence marketing platform fits the bill for automation and has a clean Workflow Canvas to design your campaigns on. Our drag and drop builder allows you to create touchpoints within your multi-step campaigns and you can target your email recipients based on different criteria and groups. The platform makes this an easy process to customize according to your needs with the options for creating dynamic groups and also copying campaign structures or inserting placeholders for content that hasn’t been created yet.

Email Marketing

The ability to build, personalize, and test emails is an important feature of any marketing automation platform. Emails are one of the top ways that companies can use to relay information to their audiences, reminding them about upcoming events, notifying them about sales, or sharing useful tidbits about the company. Recreating the same email becomes tedious. That is why having pre-built templates in place that are geared towards specific groups is a much more efficient way to connect.

emfluence’s email marketing capabilities are second to none. There are endless possibilities for email design when you consider all the personalization that our developers built the platform with in mind, from custom data fields to personalized content blocks. You can also incorporate the use of conditional content so that your audience is only seeing what is relevant to them. It doesn’t take forever to build a beautiful piece of marketing with the intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, and everything is rendered and reviewed so you know exactly what you are sending out. For those that are unsure which version of their emails will work best, automated A/B/C/D/E split testing helps solve the problem and sends out the winning email after completion.

Website Tracking

Marketers need a way to gauge how well their campaigns did and pinpoint where the engagement is taking place. Website tracking allows marketing teams to see exactly where leads are coming from, whether that is through a social media link or website visit after receiving an email. Good website tracking allows for targeted marketing actions and lets marketers know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

Experience website tracking like you’ve never seen before using emfluence’s marketing automation platform. There is a wealth of information that it offers and it is easily accessible through the dropdown menu. Track your contacts across all their interactions and use the little details to make a big impact on your marketing strategy. All this data funnels into the platform’s contact scoring capabilities which lets you know where you stand with your lead. Use this insight to create a remarketing campaign based on your newly created groups.


Social media marketing has absolutely changed the way a company interacts with consumers. There is no off button for social media, so you need to ensure you are talking to your audience when they are most active, even if it’s outside of your working hours.

Creating effective automated social campaigns makes it easier for audiences to find you. It allows you to schedule posts ahead of time on major social media platforms and gives you a comprehensive look at your social calendar, so you have better insight into your social media presence. Having these capabilities means less time managing social accounts on a daily basis and the ability to produce great content that will attract audiences. You also receive the results of each campaign as well as your overall social media performance which is helpful for future campaigns.

The emfluence Marketing Platform can be connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has the capabilities to post to multiple accounts. One of the cool aspects of the platform is that when it is time to review the results of your posts, you can measure the ones posted through the emfluence platform or the ones that you directly posted to the social media platform. Use our reporting feature to track interactions from likes to clicks, or add posts to a campaign to look at overall averages. This gives you a clear picture of everything going on with your social media and allows you to grow your social audience effectively.

Custom Landing Pages

Once your campaigns grab the attention of your audiences, you’ll need somewhere to send them. Landing page traffic comes from ads, emails, or social media and function separately from your business’ website as a standalone page. The ability to create a well-designed landing page can lead to powerful results. You want to be able to personalize, incorporate branded elements, and receive reporting on traffic.

With the emfluence Marketing Platform, landing pages become an extension of your marketing game and can be fully branded all the way down to the URL. These are easy to create while still being impactful with many different design options. You can customize it based on your leads and your company and utilize full tracking capabilities for reporting insights and conversion data.

Surveys & Forms

Collecting information plays a big part in how marketing teams are able to deploy their strategies. You need a way to gather opinions, build email lists, and satisfy any other curiosity you may have about your audience. Surveys and forms are just the way to go about this and not only grow your contact list but help you maintain them through feedback.

emfluence surveys differ from other software. For one, surveys are actually part of the package rather than a separate tool that needs to be purchased. We have a straightforward design so you can keep it simple for your customers while also customizing their user feedback experience through Skip Logic. What you get back on your end is a detailed summary of the results that you can browse through by individual responses or as a whole.

Why put out impressive marketing strategies if there isn’t any place for leads to funnel through? Our form builder requires no coding skills and is a tool that you can integrate with any online campaign while still looking on brand. Grow your email lists, generate leads, or create event registrations. Once it’s set up, there really is no limit to what you can use it for.

Modals & Lightboxes

All great marketers know that timing is everything when it comes to lead generation. It’s all about touching base with your audience at the right moment to capture their interest. Modals and light boxes are useful for doing just that. These are the pop-up boxes that you see appear on almost every site you visit offering 10 percent off coupons for signing up for newsletters, sharing details about upcoming events, or asking if you’d like to subscribe to regular updates. When they appear for visitors at the right time, it can do a lot to grab their attention and create a new contact.

Modals and lightboxes are a given on emfluence’s marketing automation platform. It doesn’t take long to build, and you are able to set it up to your business needs whether you are informing audiences of new offers or trying to bring attention to your next event. These can be embellished with photos or forms as needed and tied to a timer or a specific page on your website, so it only appears when you want it to.

Integrated Marketing Calendar

Any calendar will do, right? That’s probably what you think. So much so that you forget to include it as a must-have in your tech stack. Calendars are extremely important for marketers. It is how you stay organized and keep tabs on the millions of tasks you have going on.

We know a marketing calendar can make or break your team’s ability to manage the marketing schedule. That’s why we’ve created one that helps you visualize your digital strategy from emails to social. Add everything with a simple drag and drop. We make it easy for you to toggle whenever you need to search for keywords, campaigns, or time frames. Our calendar helps you keep up without slowing you down.

Reporting & Analytics

As marketers, we aren’t just creatives that live off good ideas and cool design. To balance it out, we need the data to back up everything we do and the decisions we make. Custom reports on all digital campaigns are a requirement for any marketer to stay tuned into what’s working and what isn’t, as well as those who are always looking to improve.

emfluence’s marketing platform includes email reporting, landing page reporting, survey reporting, and social media reporting. You name it! We understand this is crucial information for future marketing strategies. You can run reports on individual digital campaigns or request them all. The platform offers high-level reporting that helps you track how everything is doing. You can even have them delivered to your inbox exactly when you need them.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Integrating your marketing automation and CRM is how you get your marketing and sales team to their full potential. These tools become highly effective when working together. Check out our white paper on why that is here. When these workflows communicate, leads and prospective customers have a smoother experience through your marketing and sales funnels and your teams can work more efficiently.

Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics

The emfluence Marketing Platform offers a full-featured integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (as well as Salesforce and as an open API for other CRM systems). This was an important feature we found necessary to include so you can easily integrate your lists and data from your preferred CRM to our platform. This helps to create a seamless user experience for you and your team while also smoothing over the bumps for anything on the consumer side. Download our guide on the ultimate strategy for Microsoft Dynamics and marketing automation.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

There are plenty of advantages to using marketing automation. The purpose is to make marketing more efficient by scaling tasks and streamlining the processes your team regularly performs. When this is employed effectively, your team is able to nurture leads and generate more revenue while still providing a personalized experience to each person that comes across your business. Powerful marketing automation platforms help build powerful marketing teams. Get ready to see improved productivity, measurable results, and impactful marketing campaigns.

Have questions about marketing automation or want to learn more about the emfluence Marketing Platform? Reach out to us at expert@emfluence.com!

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