This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include pausing or canceling manual emails, searching by Domain in Query Builder, easily embedding video on a Landing Page, and Pending Recipients lists for manual emails. See what our community has asked for and what we built in February 2021:

Pause or Cancel a Manual Email in Progress

AS Asks: Can you provide the option to pause an email in progress?

You now have the ability to either Pause or Cancel a manual email in progress. Pausing will allow you to temporarily stop sending to the remainder of your list, for up to 10 days, while canceling the email permanantly stops the email altogether. Learn more about pausing and canceling emails here.  

Search by Domain in Query Builder

JD Asks: Can you add a domain search to Query Builder?

You can now search by Domain in Query Builder. This functionality is also available in Workflows for Dynamic Groups, Decisions, and Exit Conditions. This will allow you to use email domain as criteria for your search (exact match, partial match, in list, not in list, etc.).

Easily Add a Video to a Landing Page

CM Asks: Can you make it easier to embed a video on a Landing Page?

You can always add video embed code via the HTML Element. However, we’ve added a couple of easy video elements on the Drag and Drop editor on Landing Pages for YouTube and Vimeo. These will allow you to easily add a video URL from each site and will automatically resize to be responsive on your page.

See a List of Pending Recipients for Manual Emails

KO Asks: Can you provide a list of pending recipients for manual emails?

Now, like on automated emails, you can find Pending Recipients on the Summary page of manual emails. If you are throttling your send, or have paused it, this will show the remaining list of recipients who haven’t yet been sent.

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