This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include a list cleansing and verification tool, the ability to map to picklists through the Dataverse integration, user login history, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built:

List Cleanse Incorporated into Platform

List cleansing or list verification is a good way to keep your list up to date and find and scrub out old addresses that are no longer active as well as identify potentially dangerous addresses such as spam traps. emfluence has now integrated the process into the platform. This can be done with any list of contacts. There is a cost for using this feature which you will be informed of prior to running the list. You can immediately take action on the different subsets of your results after the cleanse is finished by using the bulk update tool. You can find more about the process here.

Dataverse Integration and Mapping to Picklists

JE Asks: Can you allow emfluence forms to write to picklists through the Dataverse integration?

If you are using the emfluence Dataverse integration to connect to a CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics or RapidStart, we have now made a change to allow data on an emfluence form entry to write back to CRM if that field is a picklist (as long as the value or label on your form matches what is in your CRM).

Paging in SMS Results

DC Asks: Can you add paging to the bottom of SMS results?

Based on your feedback, we’ve added pagination to the bottom of SMS results for easier access.

Increased Number of Characters in Country Field

EH Asks: Can you increase the size of the standard Country field to 80 characters?

emfluence’s Country field has been increased to now hold up to 80 characters.

User Login History

CO Asks: How can I find my user’s login history?

When viewing their own user profile, a user now has the ability to view their login history by clicking on the icon next to their Last Login date. The modal will contain the date, IP address, browser, and operating system of recent logins.

Got another request? Send them to us under the help section in the emfluence Marketing Platform!

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