This month’s updates are all about personalizing landing pages with more dynamic content. Let’s cover what you asked for and how we delivered in June 2020:

Image Control on Landing Pages

LA asks: It would be great to have more control over the images in our landing pages, especially for iframed content.

Can do!

The Drag and Drop landing page builder now offers more options for linking images and buttons:

  • Default replaces the current tab with target link
  • New Tab opens a new browser tab
  • If you are using an iframe, Parent Window will open in the parent window rather than within the iframe
  • Top Window can be used to force links to open in the main browser window

To set the desired action, select the button or image.  In the Settings tab, scroll to Target.

dynamic images


Dynamic Dates on Landing Pages

CM asks: Is there a way to set a dynamic date on landing pages? We have evergreen landing pages that include a copyright date. I’d like to have those update automatically.

Dynamic dates are now available on landing pages, and the process for inserting a dynamic date mirrors the one used for dynamic dates in email. In the top row, click on the calendar icon. A drop-down menu allows you to specify the date format.



Online Certification

emfluence now offers Basic Certification online. The self-paced course is accessible from anywhere and includes all of the instruction delivered in our classroom training. To get started, create an account at Teachable. We’ll follow up with your credentials and instructions via email. Get started here:


Got more requests? Keep them coming!

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