This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include conditional content in emails and landing pages, more contact scoring options for web page visits, an easier way to delete email drafts, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built in June 2021:

Conditional Content

Conditional Content now allows you to create an “If/Then” statement and add content to an email or landing page for certain contacts based on your logic. Only the contacts who match the logic will see what you have put inside the block. This allows you to show some contacts different content on a single send without the need to assign content blocks. Learn more about Conditional Content in the emfluence Help section.

More Contact Scoring Options for Web Page Visits

NJ Asks: Can you provide more options on Contact Scoring for a webpage?

Contact Scoring allows you to set base scores for activities within the emfluence Marketing Platform (email views and clicks, landing page conversions, surveys, etc.). If you have website tracking enabled on your website, you can also set scores based on pages visited. The newly-released Advanced Settings allows you to set more specific rules for certain pages you either want to emphasize (such as a sales page or blog entry) or de-emphasize (such as a careers page). Learn more about using Contact Scores.

Daily Membership Change on Contacts Growth from Group Reporting

ST Asks: Can you add a column for Daily Change on the Group Reporting Download?

When downloading Contacts Growth from Group Reporting, the download now includes a column keeping track of the daily membership change in that group from one day to the next.

An Easier Way to Delete Email Drafts

AR Asks: Can you allow me to delete an email draft on the email?

Ever needed to test something, or make a temporary email, but then need to delete your draft? Now instead of hunting down your draft in the Message list to remove it, you can find a delete button in the Summary section of the email itself starting on the Preview step.

Got another request? Send them to us under our help section!

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