Every marketer has a to-do list. As we kick off 2024, now is a great time to review that list and make sure you are making good use of all the opportunities available to you today before moving on to the next big thing.

Over the last year, the marketing experts at emfluence have been busy documenting all the essential opportunities available to users of the emfluence Marketing Platform, helping them meet their current objectives and future proof their businesses.

So what was new in 2023, that you should definitely include on your to do list for 2024?

SMS Marketing

Wait, we are talking about 2023, right? Why are we still talking about a technology that is more than 30 years old? Well it seems that SMS still packs a punch and reaches an audience no other marketing channel can. Just because SMS is old, it doesn’t mean that it is out of date. In fact, when you combine SMS with Artificial Intelligence you wouldn’t believe how powerful it can be in terms of reach and engagement. When it comes to SMS marketing, stop thinking “Nokia brick” and start thinking “SMARTphone”.

Intelligent Email Campaigns

Artificial intelligence isn’t only spicing up SMS marketing. It’s also making email marketing more intelligent, enabling marketers to nurture their clients with levels of finesse and efficiency that we could only imagine 12 months ago. This is just another example of how email marketing is evolving into a stronger, smarter, and more effective marketing channel. If you think 2024 is finally going to be the year that email dies, think again. We’re willing to bet it will outlive us all. And we haven’t finished with AI yet.


Is writer’s block preventing you from sending more timely and engaging email marketing campaigns? With ChatGPT in your corner (and in the emfluence Marketing Platform), you’ll never be short of inspiration again.  Remember, ChatGPT is just a tool. While it is still a long way away from the elusive magic marketing button that does everything—it’s a great start.

QR Codes

Remember when everyone used to think that QR codes were nice and gimmicky, but essentially useless? Then COVID hit and those handy little scannable images became indispensable. QR codes are now everywhere and have a clear purpose. If you want to take people from a physical location and bring them into your digital world, a QR code eases the process. For example, enabling subscribers to join your email list by scanning a menu, invoice, flyer or print advert is now child’s play. When something is as useful as a QR code, it would be ridiculous not to add the functionality to our platform.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

While we are looking back at those more mature marketing strategies that will continue to stand you in good stead long beyond 2024, it’s worth mentioning some “strategies” that should have been dumped years ago. If you’re managing client data on a spreadsheet (even if its shared on Google Docs or Teams), your entire business strategy is at risk. Let’s face facts, a spreadsheet is not GDPR compliant, secure or even reliable. Every business needs a CRM system. A good CRM system connected to technology like the emfluence Marketing Platform will completely change your life—and that’s a promise.

Intelligent Marketing Automation

Now that your data has found a new home in your CRM system, it’s time to put it to work. Marketing automation technology will take your data and turn it into high performance fuel to power your business. We’re not talking about using it to send the email marketing campaigns of old (although they still have their place). We’re talking about marketing automation workflows, lead scoring and triggered sends that would shame a marksman. While this all sounds rather complicated, you have nothing to fear. The emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, if you can send an email or sell a product on an online marketplace like eBay, you can build a sophisticated marketing automation campaign. Still sound challenging? What if we promised to hold your hand until you felt confident?


Support has always been embedded in emfluence’s service. We’re not just a technology company. The agency side of our business actually employs the emfluence Marketing Platform to manage its clients marketing needs. That means we understand your pain points because we have had to overcome them ourselves. It also means we are one step ahead of other technology platforms that prioritize updates based on secondhand information. We develop the tools you need because we need them as well. And we don’t believe in keeping secrets. The moment we roll out a new service, develop a new best practice, or discover a new trend, you can read about it here.

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