If you are tracking and assigning values to customer and prospect activity as it relates to digital engagement with your brand, you already recognize that the insight it can bring can greatly assist your sales and marketing activities. At a very basic level, the most engaged contacts represent the hottest opportunities. That data in the hands of a capable sales and marketing organization can have a dramatic impact on success. Yet that’s just one small piece of the customer journey. Contact scoring has a place across the entire customer lifespan.


What about those contacts who are consistently engaged over long periods of time? If you have a second lead scoring model in place, one that looks at long-term engagement as opposed to near term engagement, you can quickly analyze this information and set up appropriate marketing automation. The first question you should ask is “are these consistently-engaged-over-time individuals, customers, or prospects?”

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Let’s first address the idea that they may be current customers. The following chart shows the possible reason for engagement and potential marketing automation strategies:


Current Customers – High Long-term Engagement
Reason for high engagement Marketing automation opportunity
Frequent consumers of your content Encourage content sharing

Develop and publish additional content

Survey for gaps in desired content

Active users of your online services Determine their level of satisfaction – (Net promoter survey)

Launch a referral program

Launch a review solicitation campaign

Needy of significant ongoing support Develop an educational track

Survey for feature or functionality improvement



And for prospects?


Prospects  – High Long-term Engagement
Reason for high engagement Marketing automation opportunity
Fans of your brand and content Encourage content sharing

Retargeting based on content viewed

Lead nurture campaign

Waiting for the right opportunity to buy Lead nurture with focus on sense of urgency

Competitive comparison with current vendor

Researcher Encourage content sharing

Solicit feedback



In terms of Marketing Automation and CRM integration, this is level 102 stuff. There are a nearly infinite number of ways you could adjust your contact scoring model by placing heavier focus on certain content types or subject matter. To get to the next level, combine engagement data with Persona segmentation or Firmographic data to create highly targeted content.


Then consider rolling up your contact scores to an account level and launch an ABM campaign.


If you are a current emfluence Marketing Platform customer, you already have a default Contact Scoring model in place. Uplevel today by creating a second scoring model and comparing the results. If you need assistance, you can reach out to support@emfluence.com.


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