We’ve been hard at work on your feature requests, emfluence Marketing Platform users. Let’s take a look at what’s new in October 2019, and keep those suggestions coming!

Email Throttling

BA asks: We need to send to a large group, and we don’t want to overwhelm our call center. Rather than breaking up one big list into several smaller lists, is there a way to distribute the send more evenly over time?

Your call center agents salute you! The emfluence Marketing Platform offers the ability to throttle the sending of emails. Simply specify the timeframe, and the platform automatically will distribute the send in equal-sized batches. Throttling is available in Delivery Options:

Email Throttling


Website Visitors in the Query Builder

MM asks: For analytics, is it possible to see how many people visited a specific page?  

When running a campaign, you may want to know which of your contacts visited a specific page so that you can follow up with a nurture campaign. The Query Builder now allows you to select a “Visited Site” and a timeframe to create a dynamic or static group for follow up.

Website in Query Builder


Image Checker in Pre-Flight

Alt tags are critical for customers and prospects who may have visual impairment. To make it easier on you and your readers, the emfluence Marketing Platform can run a quick scan of all of your images and highlight any that may be missing alt text. The Image Checker tool is available in the Preview and Test step. Look for the Check Links and Images, and be sure to select the Images tab.  For more on ADA compliance, see our blog post here.

Image Checker


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