This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include more SMS features, a reCAPTCHA option for surveys, the ability to split contacts on a workflow and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built in August 2021:

More SMS Updates!


emfluence continues to expand its new SMS offering. New features include adding automated SMS messages to workflows and being able to preview the SMS messages inside the workflow (you can now also do this on emails in workflows!). If you are interested in enabling SMS in your account, reach out to (some costs do apply).

reCAPTCHA Option for Surveys

MS Asks: Is there anything you can do to lessen bot entries on surveys?

Now like forms, we’ve added a reCAPTCHA option for surveys. In the “Options” tab of a survey, you can now add a reCAPTCHA which will appear on the bottom of the first page of your survey. As with reCAPTCHA on a form, you will have the same optional settings: Light or Dark Theme and Normal or Compact Size.

An Easier Way to Change Ownership of Emails

CO Asks: Can you make changing the owner of an email easier?

If you have ever needed to send someone else’s email for them, you know by doing so you become the new owner of the email. With this change, emfluence no longer resets the owner by default (it will remain the original owner of the email unless you choose to change it) AND client admins also have the ability to alter the owner on any unsent message to a different user (which will reset the contact and groups settings to only those the owning user has access to).

Ability to Split Contacts on a Workflow

MS Asks: Can you create a way to randomly split contacts on a workflow?

You can use any numeric field and the “Odd/Even” operator to force contacts into different paths on a workflow by choosing the “Yes” path for either “Odd” or “Even” (with the alternate going down the “No” path). In case you don’t have a custom field or values saved to use in this manner, we’ve added “ContactID” to Query Builder, which can be queried on as a numeric field in either a Dynamic Group or a Worfklow Custom Decision. When every contact is created, they are assigned a numeric ContactID and now you can use that as a data point to search from. NOTE: The use of ContactID does not guarantee you a perfect 50/50 split.

Got another request? Send them to us under the help section in the emfluence Marketing Platform!

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