This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include SMS features, updates to conditional content and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built in August 2021:

SMS Has Arrived!



SMSemfluence has released its first version of SMS, with more to come. Similar to the compose process for sending emails, clients with SMS enabled in their accounts can now text manual bulk sends to groups of contacts with saved mobile numbers in the platform. You can also search for previously sent messages and keep track of responses to your texts in the SMS Inbox. If you are interested in enabling SMS in your account, reach out to (some costs do apply).

“In” and “Not In” Operators Added to Conditional Content

KT Asks: Can you add operators to deal with lists in Conditional Content?

Conditional Content

We’ve added both “In” and “Not In” to Conditional Content. Now you can query values being included or not included in a list of specified values (such as a list of names). Those that match will get the content selected, everyone else will get the alternate content.

Ability to Update the Default Content Score

BR Asks: Can you allow me to update the Default Content Score?

Update Contact Scores

When you create custom content score models in emfluence, you have the ability to force an update to re-score contacts on demand. We’ve now added that feature to the Default Scoring Model as well. Clicking into settings will now allow you to access the Update Scores option without needing to save a separate scoring model.

Automated SMS Coming Soon!

Automated SMS Coming Soon

The first release of SMS includes manual send now text messaging. However, we are currently working on automated SMS messaging which will allow you to add text messaging to automated series and workflows.

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