This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include additions to emfluence’s Microsoft Dynamics integration, email views and clicks added to the Recipients Report, updates to how users get deleted, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built:

SMS Activities

RD Asks: Can you make it easier to find and report on SMS activities?


SMS Activities

We’ve made SMS activities available via our API and included them as part of emfluence’s Dynamics integration. SMS activities are also now a part of the Contact Activities Report as well.

Views and Clicks Reporting

CO Asks: Can you add counts to the Views and Click reporting on an email?

Views and Clicks Reporting screenshot

We’ve updated both the Recipients Report and the download to now include the number of views and clicks a contact made on an individual email.

Email Click Attribution

DC Asks: Can you add more information about where email clicks are coming from?

Email Click Attribution screenshot

On the Recipients Report for a sent email, in the Link Tracking, you will now find both IP and User Agent added to the data incorporated in your reporting. While this might not be immediately useful to you, it may be helpful if you identify IPs or user agents which are responsible for a cluster of false clicks (see next question for more information on false clicks).

False Clicks

SP Asks: We’re seeing false clicks on emails—can you make it easier to weed out bot traffic?

Dealing with false clicks from bots and spam scanners is an ongoing struggle for email service providers. There is no quick fix here, but we are continuing to try to identify and weed out these false clicks. emfluence has made changes to identify and remove metrics for user agents identified as bots as they are found. If you see some unusual activity on an email, please contact and we can look to see if we can identify and remove possible bot traffic.

User Updates

Deleted Users

emfluence is continuing to make updates to users. The latest change involves how users get deleted. Deleted users will still disappear from logins and active user lists, but will continue to exist in the platform. Going forward, you will find deleted users listed below all active users in list like the Owner filter for sent emails. You will have the choice to reassign their content to a different user, or if you want to keep a more historical perspective, keep their records attached to the now-deleted user.

RapidStart CRM

We’ve made an addition to our Dynamics integration to allow you to connect your RapidStart CRM to your emfluence Marketing Platform account.

Got another request? Send them to us under the help section in the emfluence Marketing Platform!

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