Every month, we receive feature requests and suggestions from the marketers who use the emfluence Marketing Platform every day. Here are a few of the updates we made based on our platform client requests in March 2019:

Query Builder Selections

KH asks: I want to create a dynamic group, based on records whose statuses have changed since they were originally added, and I want to be able to segment them with exclusion criteria. Can the platform do that?

We recently added two new selection criteria to the Query Builder:

  • Added Dates Modified field
  • Added Does Not Contain operator

The Date Modified field allows users to search for records that were modified before, after, or on a specific date. This is particularly helpful if your team uses an API or updates a record only when there is a change – for example, when a status changes from Prospect to Customer. See the first selection here:

The Does Not Contain operator is exactly what it sounds like. The query identifies records that “do not contain” a specific value, like so:


Gmail Unsubscribes

RD asks: Why do some emails show up in Google with an unsubscribe button in the header? Should my emails look like that? 

If you use Gmail or Apple Mail, you may have noticed that unsubscribe buttons for promotional emails are displayed prominently near the header. Yahoo mail also makes it easier for users to unsubscribe without leaving the mail app:

Known as List-Unsubscribe, major inbox providers are making it easier for users to bow out of unwanted emails–and that’s a good thing. Giving readers an opportunity to easily remove themselves from a mailing list keeps your lists clean and reduces spam complaints. Marketers who send through the emfluence Marketing Platform can be confident that their emails conform to this best practice.

Have a question for our support team? Contact us at support@emfluence.com. 

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