This month’s emfluence Marketing Platform updates include Email Recipients Over Time in reporting, the ability to compose emails and SMS from the calendar without saving a draft first, the option to unsuppress or leave a contact suppressed in landing page settings, and more. See what our community has asked for and what we built:

Email Recipients Over Time

MS Asks: Can you create a report to find all recipients sent to over the past week?


Now available in the Reporting dropdown, you can find an Email Recipients Over Time Report. This will allow you to set a date range (for up to 90 days) and download a report of all emails sent during that period, including the type of email (manual, automated, or transactional), the date sent, and the email address of each recipient. You can find more information in the Help section.

Source Group Details

KL Asks: Can you make it easier to tell if a static group is being used as the source group for a dynamic group?

We’ve added some information on a group to show you if it is being used as the source group for a dynamic group. When you click into a static group, if the group is being used as the source group for any dynamic groups in your account you will now find those listed under the Details section (and can click through to those groups).

Composing Emails and SMS on the Calendar

DC Asks: On the calendar, can you give me the option to compose on emails and SMS without saving a draft first?

When dragging out a new email or SMS (if it is enabled in your account) and creating a new message, you now have the option to either save and close after filling out the basic information necessary to save a draft on the calendar, or save and edit. Clicking save and edit will launch the compose step and allow you to compose your email without needing to re-click the draft on the calendar.

Account Name on Notification Emails

IR Asks: On the notification email, can you add the account name for when the scheduled email sends?

For clients with multiple accounts, we’ve made it easier to differentiate on the notification email that goes out when a scheduled email was successfully sent by including the name of the account it was sent from.

Resubscribing Suppressed Contacts on Landing Page Forms

CM Asks: On landing page forms, can you offer the option to resubscribe or not resubscribe a contact who is currently suppressed but updates their information?

If a contact in your account is suppressed but they fill out one of your emfluence web forms, what should happen? We will update the contact information provided on the form, but on the response page you can decide whether or not the contact should remain suppressed. You can either allow the contact to remain suppressed, or if this form is acting as a new sign-up, allow the contact to be unsuppressed.

Redesign of emfluence Forms

If you have built an emfluence form lately, you may have noticed we’ve modernized the look of form builder. All the functionality is still there but now with a sleeker design.

Got another request? Send them to us under the help section in the emfluence Marketing Platform!

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