Just in time for Black Friday planning, emfluence has released several key enhancements, including enhanced A/B testing, powerful segmenting tools, and clever proofing and planning tools.

Create, Test, Measure and Repeat

The new A/B Testing Tool makes testing email variables easier than ever. Create up to five variations of an email, with options to test everything from subject lines to call-to-action buttons, from names, email content, and more. Once you’ve created your tests, select your winning criteria, your testing time frame, and the percentage of your list you’d like to test. The emfluence Marketing Platform will automatically send the winning version to your full list when your test is complete!

New Tools for Mobile and Editing

Email done right includes personalization, a compelling Call to Action and more than a courtesy nod to mobile users.

  • Adding Preheaders to Emails is easier than ever. Savvy marketers know that creative preheaders — the additional text near or below the subject line — can significantly increase open rates. Don’t let the email client default to the header, “Having trouble viewing this email?” Blah! Instead, use that space to build on your subject line and tease the content. You may include personalization, a sense of urgency, or a quick preview of what’s inside.

  • Variable Content fallback. Hey {Friend}, do you have incomplete data for your subscriber list? Welcome to the group. The emfluence Marketing Platform has always allowed users to specify alternate text when a data field is blank, but we agree that it wasn’t exactly intuitive. Now, it is. When adding a field, simply click on the variable text icon {x}. In the pop-up window, enter the fallback value. Wherever you incorporate variable content, you will see the content field, as well as the fallback content, making proofing even clearer.
  • Proof smarter with the link checker. Want to check all of the links in your email at once? Clicking the “Show Links” box opens a sidebar that displays all of the URLs in the email, allowing for easier proofing before send.

Target the Right Audience

The Query Builder offers an array of fields to segment an audience. Based on user feedback, we have updated the builder with more choices.

Contact Score Percentile. Need to launch a VIP promotion to your most engaged customers? Hoping to identify the least engaged customers for a re-engagement campaign? The Contact Score field score allows you to easily build a list based on parameters that you specify.

“Does not start with / does not end with”. If you use a CRM, it’s a great idea to use consistent naming conventions. With the “Does not start with / does not end with” function, you can easily include or exclude groups in a query, based on their title. This feature is available for text fields.

Better Timeline for Better Planning

The calendar features a completely overhauled user interface, making planning even easier.

  • The calendar offers two views: Calendar view shows messages and events in the traditional calendar (date) view. The Timeline view provides a linear view, allowing you to see how and when multiple campaigns and messages may overlap.
  • Until recently, the platform allowed users to add only outgoing messages to the calendar (campaigns, emails and social posts). The Calendar now features a “New Event” feature to help you can keep a line of sight on multi-channel touch points, such as events or print media. Just click on the “New Event” button, fill in the details, and the event will populate on the calendar.
  • Especially important for financial and retail marketers, major U.S. holidays are now automatically populated in the calendar view.

The countdown to Black Friday is on! We’ll be ready with the tools you need to be fabulous.

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