With your emfluence custom-branded template, your link color is usually set to a branded color that matches the theme. But have you ever wanted to change the color of a link? After you add a link to your text, highlight the link and select your link color from the text color icon on the Editor.

Gold Links     Link-Color

TIP: Google doesn’t allow black color for links (Hex #000000). If they spot links that are black in your email, they’ll automatically change them to default blue. If you want to make a “black” link, perhaps against a bright colored background or in a bulletproof button, you can use hexadecimal #000001 and the link color will look black, but actually be really, really dark grey.

Now maybe, you want to remove the underline? In the link editor, click over to the Advanced tab and in the Style field, type “text-decoration: none;” (without the quotes). This is telling the link to not “decorate” with its usual underline.

textdecoration-none   Final-Styled-Link

TIP #2: Lotus Notes, somewhat predictably, will ignore your color choice and serve up blue with an underline. Gmail may not honor it either in the latest version of Chrome, so be sure to test and see that your link is still visible and actionable in all inboxes.

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