In June, we hosted a Hackathon to put our new Platform API (in beta) to the test. We heard so much chatter about the 4 team projects that were submitted, we knew we needed video demos of each project.

Each team used the API to tackle a different marketing task (and still had a dozen ideas to try!). Click on the video thumbnail below to see a quick 3-4 minute demonstration of each app.

  • Lead Scoring: classifying high quality leads by how often a Contact opens, clicks or otherwise engages with your emails. (This was our winner!)
  • Contact Mapping: An integration with Google Maps to geolocate contacts based on the IP address of the computer they were on when they opened an email.
  • SalesForce Sync: A 2-way sync between and the emfluence Marketing Platform, sharing email address, contact data and even email metrics between platforms.
  • Mobile App: A mobile reporting tool that allows users to check on their emfluence campaign metrics. Then they can even connect with email non-responders via an SMS message sent via an integration with Twilio.
 Hack Lead Scoring App  Hack Map App
 Hack SalesForce App  Hack Mobile App


Read up on the Hackathon in this post from June.


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