You can now copy a draft or sent social post to post either on another social channel or to tweak the post and schedule it for another time/day. This will make it a lot faster to create cross-channel, planned campaigns highlighting your great content!

SM_Copy_Messages-section    Social-Copy-2

You’ll also have the ability to re-shorten any URLs so that each post can be tracked separately in your Reports.

TIPS: Twitter gets mad if you try to post the exact same post twice, especially within a certain time frame. Instead, rework the wording and call out different aspects of the post. Also, you’ll want to take advantage of the benefits of each medium! Remember that though Twitter only allows for 140 characters and short links without preview, Facebook allows twice as many characters and can pull in a snippet of content from a website when you use the Link post type. Be sure you’re still taking advantage of the benefits of each social medium.

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