Yesterday we heard confirmation of what we suspected would eventually happen: AOL & Yahoo are no longer allowing anyone to send from an or email address outside of their own inboxes. For you as email marketers, that means that you can’t use or email addresses as your From Email field when creating an email in the emfluence Marketing Platform.

It’s always best to send from your own website domain, i.e. as opposed to generic address provider like AOL, Yahoo! or Gmail. This best practice lends both credibility and validation options for your emails, both of which can help you pass spam filters more easily.

If you’re using a address to send, you may want consider setting up an email address that matches your website address. Talk to your IT person or connect with for guidance.


NOTE: You can still use a Gmail, AOL or Yahoo! email address in the Reply To Email field if that applies to your company, brand or organization.


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