As marketers, data is our life, which is why we’re committed to protecting yours.

Our teams focus on security, compliance, and privacy when creating a platform that fits your needs, protects your data, and meets your compliance requirements and customer's expectations.
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Peace of Mind from the Start

We take security and privacy seriously here, starting from your very first day on the platform. On our end, our platform is hosted on AWS and Databank, leading infrastructure providers that are just as committed as we are when it comes to high security standards. On your end, we equip you with platform training and support so that you’re comfortable with everything from navigating the platform to integrations. And if you get lost, our responsive support team is there to step in.

emfluence employs standard protocols for API, allowing for secure data synchronizations and custom integrations. Learn more about our API here.


We take multiple steps to safeguard your data and continuously roll-out new security features to stay aligned with regulatory requirements and provide robust key security protection to safeguard your data.

Security overview

  • Malware defense
  • Identity and access management
  • Perimeter defense configurations
  • Log-based intrusion detection
  • Data encryption, in transit and at rest
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Independent third-party security assessments
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Controlled administrative access
  • Continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • Backups and resiliency support
  • User training and awareness


emfluence partners with companies across all industries and are cognizant and well-versed in the compliance requirements specific businesses must adhere to. Whether you’re safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) or managing customer data with specific confidentiality and integrity requirements, we have you covered.

Compliance Overview

  • Monitoring of third-party partners and providers
  • Policy acknowledgements and training requirements for all team members
  • Annual HIPAA Security Rule compliance assessment
  • Annual penetration assessment


We set our clients up for success in business (check out emfluence’s agency side) and in security.  All Marketing Platform clients can rest easy knowing their email campaigns are ready to be delivered as soon as they’re created.

Our team sets up DKIM, SenderID, and Domain Keys authentication for you ahead of time, so when you’re ready, you just need to hit send. This authentication allows for improved email deliverability, spoofed email prevention, blacklist prevention, and public assurance that your emails are coming from your domain.

A Partner You Can Trust

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve been on both sides as users and as developers of an intuitive marketing platform. That’s why we understand the importance of creating a trusting environment to conduct your communications and nurture your relationships.

Our world revolves around marketing and YOU. We provide support five times faster than the industry average and strategize with you as marketers and not just IT techs. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a different set of features? We can build that for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

What integrations does the platform provide?
Details of available integrations can be found on our site including, but not limited to, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Wordpress, etc. We also offer secure methods of synchronizing data with the emfluence Marketing Platform API.

How is data stored on the platform?
We use a multi-tenant database structure that segregates data at the application level using designated client identification structures.

How often is data backed up and where is it saved?
Files and data are backed up throughout the day. Database log files are backed up every five minutes with incremental backups and full backups completed daily and weekly, respectively. These are stored in a private Amazon S3 bucket.

When is maintenance performed?
Maintenance updates are regularly scheduled and conducted during non-business hours. We maintain a standing maintenance window occurring once a month when activity is at a minimum. Critical maintenance activities are communicated in advance.

What are the platform’s downtime stats and system availability?
Our marketing platform has maintained 99.98% uptime for the most recent 10-year timeframe.

Who owns the data and how long is it stored for?
Our clients retain ownership of their data, and we maintain it for the duration of the service. Data is securely deleted 30 days after contract termination.

Keep an eye on our Marketing Platform blog to stay informed on new updates to the emfluence Marketing Platform.

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