You can now see engagement numbers for all messages posted to the social media profiles and pages authenticated in your Platform account, including those that aren’t posted from the Platform! So, when you’re live-tweeting from an event, Retweeting an article, or having a conversation, you can see the same metrics for those posts as for the ones you plan from within your emfluence account. It’s important to point out, though, that if you don’t use the shortener, we can’t help track your link clicks, so posting pre-meditated content from the Platform is still your best bet!

You can see each post’s source in the message details:


To sync messages posted outside of the Platform for a specific social media account, go to that account’s details page in your Linked Accounts, and toggle the Sync Messages option to Yes, like this:


Messages that aren’t posted through the Platform are not synced by default.

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