Over the past few days you may have noticed a change in the statistics for you linked Facebook accounts inside the emfluence Marketing Platform. As part of our latest roll-out we’ve enabled Facebook Reactions in your account.


Facebook Reactions you ask? For those unfamiliar with them, Facebook released them globally to all users earlier this year. Now, along with liking a post, Facebook users have five more reactions available to them:

  • Love
  • Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry

Since a Sad or Angry response is going to mean something quite different to you than a Like or Love, we are now including Facebook Reactions for all new Facebook posts.

When viewing your sent social media messages, either in the Message section or in the Reports section, you will now see statistics enabled for posts that include these types of reactions. Hovering over Reactions will pop-up a listing of the individual reactions. (NOTE: Only the reactions used on an individual post will appear. For instance, if no one reacts with Angry then Angry won’t show up in your statistics).


Of course you can only take advantage of this if you have your Facebook (and other social media accounts) linked in the emfluence Marketing Platform. You can find the steps for adding and verifying social media accounts in the emfluence Help section. Those same steps can help if you discover that you need to re-verify your account with Facebook.

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