Designing email for mobile devices is a hot topic these days. (Check out posts on the emfluence blog about mobile-friendly email design.) But do you know how much of your email list actually opens on mobile devices? Now you can.Message Reporting

On the Message Summary page, where you can review results from a Sent email, you’ll see a new results tab labeled “Devices.” The report tells you what percent of your tracked opens were viewed on a mobile device.


You may be surprised at what your actual percent is. (The graph above shows our own Users – surprisingly low mobile percentage!) If you see more than 50% mobile opens for a campaign or list, you’ll know it’s time to start thinking about mobile-friendly email design. If you need help, you can always reach out to your emfluence team.

If you click on Desktop or Mobile in the report, you can also drill down to see which mobile devices users are viewing on. This is helpful for determining what content you send (if it will work on the majority of devices).Graph

NOTE: iOS (iPhone/iPad) tends to skew higher because they render email with images on by default, whereas Android renders email with images off by default. Since views are tracked based on who loads images, this will mean that iPhones view numbers will naturally be higher. Be careful not to assume your whole list uses an iPhone based on these results!

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