One of the many benefits of the emfluence Marketing Platform are the custom-branded templates for your brand, loaded in your account for easy, beautiful emails.  We can help make templates that are mobile-responsive, integrate data sources (like what products or blog posts are new on your site) and more.

Over the past couple of years, though, our clients get savvier and more and more marketers have asked to “take the reins” and code their own email templates. From small changes — like a change of address for your footer or a tweak to your default pre-header — to true “blank slate” design, for marketers that are familiar with HTML code, we’ve made a Template Builder to do just that.

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What goes into a great marketing email?

Download the anatomy of a marketing email template

We offer a few “starter templates” which you can build from and make edits to, or you can start completely from scratch. Just create, test, and activate templates to start using them for your email campaigns. This feature comes with a lot of cool bells and whistles:

  • Code view or a WYSIWYG options
  • A live side-by-side preview of your email design as you make changes
  • Static areas where the code will be consistent with every send
  • The ability to designate editable sections
  • The ability to send a pre-flight check right from the Template Builder to see how your template looks in various inboxes/devices
  • CAN-SPAM verification check to ensure you don’t forget to add your mailing address & unsubscribe link
  • Relative date variables, so you can insert a date in a triggered email that’s 30 days from today, for example
  • Access to the full header of your email CSS & HTML
  • A CSS inlining tool, built in!

Want to see it in action? Reach out to an or request a live demo of the emfluence Platform.

Current clients, reach out to Support to request that Template Builder be turned on for your account.

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