Copy Social Media Messages

You can now copy a draft or sent social post to post either on another social channel or to tweak the post and schedule it for another time/day. This will make it a lot faster to create cross-channel, planned campaigns highlighting your great content!      You’ll also have the ability to re-shorten any URLs so that each post can be tracked separately in your Reports. TIPS: Twitter gets mad if you try to post the exact same post twice, especially within a certain time frame. Instead, rework the wording […]

Facebook Automatic Re-verification

If you’re using the emfluence Platform to post to Facebook, you may have noticed that verification expires after a period of 30-45 days. This is normal for Facebook, but meant that sometimes those posts you schedule for the future would fail because you need to re-verify. Now, when you schedule a Facebook post, the Platform will ask you to re-verify if it’s likely the post occurs after your current authentication “token” will expire. It’s a quick process and helps your posts go out on time, as planned! NOTE: You’ll notice […]


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