Referring Email Added to Landing Page Report Download

If you’ve used the Landing Page Generator, you’ve probably poked around in the reporting for your pages. The report breaks down page traffic by referral source, including emails from emfluence, traffic directed from another website or “direct traffic” just like in Google Analytics. (Hey, we try not to reinvent the wheel.) If you have a form on your landing page, you can also export an Excel file of your Conversions — those that filled out your form — from the report page. New this month, we’ve added a column to […]

CSS now accessible in Landing Pages

We’ve had a few design-savvy clients ask us for more control over the look and feel of their landing pages and landing page templates. We listened! You can now dive into and edit the CSS (cascading style sheets) of your landing pages in the Platform. Not sure what we mean? That’s ok, the custom-branded templates are your best way to stay on brand. CSS is mostly for advanced designers.

Preview Landing Pages before they go live

In the Landing Page Generator, you’ve got a new easy way to preview a page as it will look before you activate it. Plus, the magnifying glass at the top of the page will now preview active or inactive pages as well. Be sure you don’t share your preview link, though. You’ll always want to share the real URL of your page or insert a link to a page using the dropdown menu of active pages.

Form Generator

Now, you can easily add forms to any landing page, using a drag-and-drop form generator! Create lead forms, register to win forms… the possibilities are endless and all prospects feed directly into your emfluence database. Want a closer peek? Check out the new Help section, where we’ve uploaded step-by-step instructions for working with forms. Then take it for a test drive by clicking on Forms in the Content section. Since we’re in “beta” we’re open to feedback! Be sure to send yours to


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