emflConf Keynote Announcement: Boulevard Brewing Co

The agenda for our 6th annual emfluence Marketing Platform User Conference gets a big boost this week as we announce keynote presenter, Jeremy Ragonese, Director of Marketing for Boulevard Brewing Company! Jeremy has been with Boulevard through barrels of wheat beer, their popular (and sometimes too popular!) craft brews and collaborations and last year’s acquisition by Duvel to become more widely distributed than ever. Not to mention overseeing Boulevard’s first ever Boulevardia beer fest. Jeremy will share his perspective on managing rapid changes in the craft beer industry and how […]

Event Marketing: Encouraging Registrants to Share with a Friend/Colleague

In conjunction with our recent post on using the emfluence Marketing Platform to help promote events and even collect registrations for your (free) events, there are great ways to use the Platform to encourage people to share the event. Hint: you may not want to use the standard Forward to a Friend button. Here’s why: With Option 1 in our last post, you’re tracking clickers to track RSVPs. The forward to a friend version of the email (or if the recipient simply hits “forward”) will track all link clicks as […]

Promoting Events with the emfluence Marketing Platform

Clients often ask, “How can I leverage the Platform to promote my event?” Between automated and scheduled emails, social media planning/scheduling, and landing pages with forms, there are many ways to share event information with users and collect registrations. Every event’s communication strhttp://emarketingplatform.com/features/email-marketing/ategy varies, of course, depending on the audience, the amount of time leading up to the event, what information you need to collect during registration, etc. One client recently wanted to build a campaign to make it easy for users to RSVP in one or two clicks, by […]


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