Features Update: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Automated Workflows have new options for targeted emails in the emfluence Marketing Platform. Say hello to Workflow Decisions!   As you build out your automated email campaigns, you can now add the option to split your contacts into new email groups based on actions (or inactions) taken by the recipient. These options can be based on clicks (or no clicks), views (or no views), or custom decisions matching a query.   With this addition, you can create complex automated email campaigns that lead to desired actions or nurture contacts based […]

Features Update: Transactional Email and List Growth Reports

We rolled out several updates to our Reports section this weekend—check out what’s new below! Transactional Email Reporting For those of you using transactional emails in your emfluence Marketing Platform account, we’ve added enhanced transactional email reports that you can easily download in our Reports section. Transactional email reports can be downloaded as a separate automated report, or you can add them to your existing reports.   If you add them to an existing report, transactional emails will show on your report in their own section, just like automated messages. […]

Features Update: Email Reporting Has a New Look!

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a Monday! If you haven’t hopped on to the emfluence Marketing Platform yet today, we’ve got an exciting (and colorful) change to how email reports display. All of the important email information you need is still available in our reports, but now navigating through your sent email results is more intuitive. Let’s take a look: Sent Manual Emails As you open a sent manual email, you’ll notice that the reporting structure is pretty different. The metrics that matter most—views […]

Features Update: Social Media Image Sizes and More

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve probably googled “ideal social media image size” at least once in the last month. Each platform has its own ideal image size, and within that platform, different ideal image sizes for link shares, photo shares, and profile photos. Since that’s way too many image sizes for any marketer to be expected to remember, this month’s features update starts with the addition of a helpful tip under New Social post. Now when you go to share a link or photo on the emfluence Marketing Platform, […]

Features Update: Show Off Your Awesomeness

This month’s features update is all about our Reports feature—and how we’ve made changes to it that make showing off your awesomeness even easier. The update to the Reports section in the emfluence Marketing Platform is focused around three key areas: building reports, sharing reports, and automating reports. Ultimately, we want to make sharing and building reports easy and productive for you and for anyone with whom you share your reports. Let’s take a deeper look at how these changes are designed to make your job easier.   Building Reports […]


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